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Daxy Pup

‘When I needed a hand, I found your Paw’

When I fall in love with one dog, I fall in love with them all. It doesn’t matter a bit if they are descended from a Cruft’s champion or a mixed biscuit – I just love the whole species.

I know that your dog is one of the most important members of your family. In fact, they are probably in charge. And, whilst there is little doubt that you are the most qualified person to be overseeing their exercise and training regimes, due to your social or professional diary, you cannot always be there.

My philosophy is to treat every dog as if it was my own. So while your busy life takes you here, there and everywhere, your family companion is in the best possible hands: being walked by a reliable and responsible walker, playing games, having fun in a field and being part of my extended family.

What I Do

Fully qualified and insured Dog Walking, Home Visit and Dog Taxi Service

Dog Walking

Dog Walking

I can walk your dog on a one to one basis or a group of up to 4 dogs depending on how well they are socialised and your preferences. I can collect your dog from home and walk them where I live, through quiet country lanes away from busy traffic.

Your dog will have the run of acres of farm-land so they are able to play and roam in fields that are safe and secure, with plenty of fresh water on tap!

Dog Home Visits

Holiday Visits

There’s nothing better than knowing your dog is safe and in an environment, it is familiar with while you are away.

I can make regular, scheduled and agreed visits to your home to provide your dog with walks, feeding, cleaning and plenty of TLC while you are away. Making sure they don’t miss you too much.

Dog Taxi Service

Dog in Car

My vehicle is fully insured to carry your dog to and from veterinary or grooming appointments. As a pet owner myself, I know how trips to the vet can occasionally make a dog anxious.

I pride myself on a high level of animal health and welfare, so I will ensure your dog has a comfortable and safe journey. Due to taxi licensing regulations, I am unable to transport human passengers.

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